JSConf EU and CSSconf EU Scholarships Awarded

We are pleased to announce that we have notified the awardees of the JSConf EU and CSSconf EU 2018 scholarship program which supports individuals from underrepresented groups to attend the conferences with ticket and travel grants. This includes, but is not limited to: women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, and people facing economic or social hardships.

A Big Thank You

We are very grateful and would like to say a big Thank You to the companies and individuals who donated to our Scholarship Programme. We’d like to especially highlight Mercedes-Benz.io’s sponsorship of 30 tickets. One of the changes we made in 2018 was to include a contribution to the scholarship program in all our sponsorship packets by default instead of offering it as an add-on. Additionally we continue to sell tickets that contribute a portion of the price to the program.

Please note, that we continue to accept sponsorships and also continue to sell tickets that contribute to our scholarship program).

Scholarship Program Now Matches Total Size of First JSConf EU

Because of the generosity of our sponsors and attendees we were able to increase the size of the program by over 60% this year and we are now awarding 125 tickets. This is especially notable, because it is almost exactly the number of attendees at the first ever JSConf EU in 2009. The 2009 event was a turning point for many of our careers, and is often recognized as one of the founding moments of the JavaScript community. We couldn’t be more excited to see what the recipients will make out of their attendance this year! With the program being in its third year, we are proud to have multiple recipients from previous years return as speakers and we are looking forward to see the class of 2018 come back as speakers in the future.

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