Portrait photo of Tracy Hinds

Tracy Hinds

Merge Conflict: a case study and application of peer conflict management training in Node.js

In public school, we were required to go through peer mediation training to stem the tide of physical violence. As teens, we were given a space with no adults to work through conflicts with our peers through communication training, and it elevated the playing field for us needing to coexist, untrusting of outsiders to solve our problems. As the education community manager of Node.js, and now on the Moderation team, I’m implementing the conflict management training program for Node.js leadership and collaborators–those who keep the project ticking for millions of users of the project. In tech, we don’t include the experts that are needed to solve these problems and we desperately need them–so we’re doing just that. We’ll walk through applying this education to OSS developers distributed across the globe, and report on how this can remove barriers to stability for projects through improving development productivity with healthy communication and collaboration–peer conflict management.